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Discover street art in Ajo, Arizona

By Cindy Carlsson

The exuberant street art in Ajo, Arizona is a bold and colorful sign of this old mining town’s artistic rebirth.

Lively street art in the heart of Ajo

Arizona’s southern borderland can seem like a desolate place, but a group of artists and community activists in Ajo are proving that art can thrive in this often overlooked region of the Sonoran Desert.

Murals bold enough to stop traffic

Visitors driving through Ajo, Arizona, on their way to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument might not notice the beautiful Spanish Colonial plaza that forms the heart of downtown. However, they are unlikely to miss the town’s street art.

Murals in Ajo Arizona -
Ajo’s murals cover the walls of several buildings located just off the main plaza where many are clearly visible from the highway.
Street art in Ajo Arizona "Sonora" by Harriet Wood aka Miss Hazard -“Sonora” by Barcelona-based street artist Harriet Wood aka Miss Hazard.)

There’s nothing timid about these murals. They are big and bold. Many are bright colors. And many carry strong messages about life along the border.


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